We design and construct thermoplastic injection moulds with the aim of satisfying our clients’ requirements in the shortest possible time. The department has over 80 elements and about 300 different applications, which allow us to offer maximum flexibility together with excellent quality.

Thermoplastic injection moulding


The department that produces the thermoplastic coverings utilises highly specialised and avant-garde machinery and technology, making use of a production line of 16 automatic injection presses with a force ranging between 55 and 500 tons. The injection moulding process, carried out with the use of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers, allows us to repeatedly obtain, utilising a mould constructed especially for the polymers that will be used, technical objects ranging from 0.5 gr to 2.000 gr for every cycle. The particular care that our company dedicates to the bearing assembly operations turns our products into little works of art. Our assembly department is equipped with completely automated machinery that utilises microprocessors for controlling the finished product, so guaranteeing top quality at a competitive price.

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